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Did Jodi Arias make a false confession?  

Search for the truth

The Jodi Arias case has become extremely complex and convoluted over time for a number of reasons. As a result it will become more and more difficult to unravel and ascertain the TRUTH.

TRUTH! That is the big word which in the adversarial system has little value or meaning and in this case even less than usual as emotion has played too big a role.

It seems increasingly unlikely that the TRUTH will emerge in the foreseeable future, if ever, for the following reasons: Continue reading Did Jodi Arias make a false confession?  

Is there a better way to dispense justice?

A map of legal systems of the world, in french...
A map of legal systems of the world, in french. Source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Adversarial system of justice

As the seemingly endless Jodi Arias saga continues its next phase, behind closed courtroom doors in Maricopa, Arizona, I am ever mindful of the diet of rough justice served up daily by the courts in common law countries, such as America and the United Kingdom, that rely on the ‘adversarial system’ to deliver satisfactory outcomes. If it is considered to be the best method of dispensing justice it continues to fail us with alarming consistency. Millions of tax-payers dollars are spent every year on a system where two advocates represent their parties’ positions before a jury or judge, who attempt to determine the truth of the case. Continue reading Is there a better way to dispense justice?

Legalities of Fund raising in the USA

Alternative fund raising banners – presentatio...
Alternative fund raising banners – presentation sheet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following my previous post, on the Jodi Arias Appeal Trust Fund, I have been doing some research regarding non-profit fund raising in the USA and find that 40 states require registration before any type of solicitation (e.g. email, advertising, internet etc) for contributions from the public can be made by an organisation set up for the purpose. If an organisation that is required to register doesn’t, then it faces potential intrusion from the IRS and may well have problems with donors. Not only that but the organisation will be breaking the law, leaving itself open to prosecution and fines. Registration can be costly if an organisation needs to employ a professional such as an attorney because it does not have the internal knowledge to do it itself. In some states some organisations may be exempt but they would have to make application for exemption as it is not automatic. Furthermore an organisation could face criminal charges for fraud if any of the fundraising activities are misleading. Continue reading Legalities of Fund raising in the USA

Jodi Arias – Staggering announcement!

Flag of Maricopa County, Arizona
Flag of Maricopa County, Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really thought I was going to get a break from Jodi Arias, and now this!!!  

“Some people have been questioning the validity of the JAA Trust Fund. This fund was set up by me (Susan Halterman) through a reputable Attorney. It has been set up so that the money donated to it can only be used for Jodi Arias’ legal defense for an appeal. Donations can be made through the Bank or through a PayPal account that is linked only to this Bank. I will not release any other details about the trust. Go to the web site jodispage.com for a link to make a donations. Thank you to all who have already donated.” (Facebook 23rd October 2013.) Continue reading Jodi Arias – Staggering announcement!

Jodi Arias – Curious announcement

Many people are confused by the announcement made by the Arias family on 18th Oct 2013  and are waiting for clarity and guidance from them. I have given my views in previous posts concerning the Jodi Arias trial and the way it has been conducted. So it was quite a shock to read the announcement asking for donations from members of the public to a trust fund which has been established solely for the purpose of paying for imminent appellate proceedings” .

The announcement was made: