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What Amazon reviewers say about Thailand Diaries

I first read this on James King’s blog. He’s an entertaining writer who has lived in Thailand for many years. I’ve never been there but his writing makes me want to go. (Good armchair reading even if you are not a traveler!)

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Cinda C. MacKinnon Author - 'A Place in the World'

Driving Thailand is the second in a series of three terrific books from james king about his experiences in Thailand and the views he has formed since 2008. I love this author and what a great read. I felt like I was sitting across the table with an old friend who is sharing his first-hand experiences of driving around Thailand with me.

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Nance Ullman Textile weaver

Last year I purchased a paperback copy of “Thailand in Perspective” and should have written this review before. In volume 3 the Author openly shares his views on Thailand which have been formed over nearly 10 years of visiting and living in the country, while I do not agree with all he says, it is interesting to see how a different personal experience can bring a different perspective, I really enjoyed the Author’s take on many issues particular those relating to the culture, his potted history is extremely valuable and will save any anyone interested in the region a lot of work in research. This is a serious work written with humour and an easy style, I would thoroughly recommend it to any visitor travelling to S.E Asia whether on long or short stay. An excellent read !!

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Brian McMahon Fuel management


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