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Jodi Arias – Are we looking at yet another miscarriage of justice?

James_Hanratty Jodi Arias - Are we looking at yet another miscarriage of justice?
James Hanratty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am not on a campaign for Jodi Arias mission but I am very concerned about the wider ramifications of this case. I have been aware for a very long time of the many mis-carriages of justice throughout the world going right back to James Hanratty, Timothy Evans, and Ruth Ellis in the UK.
James_Hanratty Jodi Arias - Are we looking at yet another miscarriage of justice?
Timothy Evans under arrest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The list is long and it is a widely held belief that many are still to be unearthed. What is of great concern is that America seems to have learnt very little from these discoveries and the way the Jodi Arias trial has been conducted shows that up starkly. It is sad to see justice systems continuing to operate without any regard for the truth.

James_Hanratty Jodi Arias - Are we looking at yet another miscarriage of justice?
Ruth Ellis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This, I believe, to be a recipe for the meltdown of civilised society. I propose to write more on the subject as my blog develops and hope you will stay in touch.

In the meantime this quote from Richard Speights says a lot about our society.

“Granted, there are people who will hate Arias forever no matter what the evidence proves. Nonetheless, the public at large will eventually let go of their anger. Generally, people cannot hold such hatred toward anyone too long without causing themselves harm. But notice the nature of those who speak against my assertions. More often than not, they attack the messenger with the rankest, vilest accusations. This is a shame. “Come now, and let us reason together.” The love of truth is of greater value than the desire for revenge. I have no hidden agenda for supporting Jodi Arias. I don’t know her, and chances are I will never even met her much less know her. If she were guilty, I would be willing to bring a rope to her hanging. Nonetheless, when the system is turned onto its head to convict anyone of a crime, then that affects me; because some day that perverted system may unfairly charge and then lock me away through unconstitutional courtroom practices. A defendant is not guilty because we want her to be guilty. If there is doubt about her guilt, then fairness demands a thorough examination of the evidence supporting the same. Don’t pervert the system through overzealous anger.”

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  1. I am an observer of JAII. I have gathered some great information from the site. I am very aware of the opinons of its followers. I have suggested to them to read a blog written by Miss Pajama Girl. She is a forensic anthropologist and behavior analyst. She like me and others are working on this case. We use anonymous names for protection purposes not only for ourselves but also for our families. Her blog is at: . She and two other professional collegues have worked extensively on this case. The members of JAII were not receptive to what was written. Miss Pajama Girl can prove that Jodi Arias is innocent. Warning: this blog shows the autopsy photos.

    1. Hi LM. Welcome to JAMOROKI. I am aware of MPG and used to visit but I haven’t been for some time because there has been no activity since July and I can’t find any way to comment on the posts. So I assumed the blog was closed. Maybe you can advise as the content is good. see you soon. James

  2. I don’t know why you bother going to they are all nuts there, they left their minds behind a long time ago. Go to justdatruth for some more balanced views of the subject of Jodi and her trial, there you will not be censored. All sides of the debate are allowed. SJ who runs that innocent place is a scammer as you have well pointed out to them, I’m surprised you have not been banned by them yet. Cheers!!

    1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. I have my reasons. Thanks for the tip to jusdatruth. Don’t worry. I can see they are desperate to ban me because I ask too many questions. Blind faith is a bit scary isn’t it. Hope to see you again soon.

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