Would Eddie have been bigger than Elvis?

Legendary Masters Series
Legendary Masters Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eddie Cochran was just 21 when he died in a car accident on April 17th 1960. He was travelling with Pat Thompkins (Tour manager), Gene Vincent and Eddie’s girlfriend Sharon Sheeley in a hired Ford Consul car from Bristol to London (Heathrow Airport) on the A4 when the driver lost control near Chippenham. Both Eddie and Sharon were badly injured and taken to St. Martin’s Hospital in Bath. The next day, Easter Sunday, Eddie lost his life but Sharon and Gene Vincent, who was also injured, made complete recoveries. Amazingly, Pat Thompkins, who was in the front passenger seat and the taxi driver George Martin were uninjured and later Martin, despite excessive speeding, only received a £50 fine and a driving ban. Continue reading

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Who are masters of the air?

The Red Arrows in Apollo formation (2010)
The Red Arrows in Apollo formation (2010) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every evening around 6 o’clock I witness an aerial display that would put the ‘Red Arrows’ to shame. Man has tried for years to dominate the skies but thankfully will never match the speed, agility and stealth of the swallow. I sit in awe every evening and marvel at how these tiny birds hurtle through my garden airspace at supersonic speed devouring even the tiniest of flying insects on their incredible trip. They don’t even stop to re-fuel. Continue reading


Borneo, A Country? You Are So Wrong! Welcome To Malaysia

Fun fact about Malaysia:  Did you know that there are about 200 languages spoken in this country?

The Southeast Asian region must be very fascinating for many people.  It seems like every winter and spring in the northern or southern hemisphere I can see Caucasians (I could be biased and throwing a stereotype) roaming around all over the place – my home country included.  In general, when I mention Malaysia (my home country) to other fellow travelers, these are the most common responses:

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Chiang Mai villages are so beautiful at daybreak

My first re-writing of a blog post

This is the first time that I have completely re-written a post so I hope it works. The original was published on October 3rd 2013 when I was an infant blogger. I may not be the best yet but I have certainly learnt a lot in 6 months. Enough to know that my first attempt at this subject left a lot to be desired. Continue reading

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Travel in History : Yunnan and the Tea and Horse Road


Although I am focussing on SE Asia, where I live, Travel Cathay is making me more and more interested in China through some very informative and well written posts like this one. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Originally posted on Travel Cathay:

Tea and Horse Road, Yunnan
茶马古道 – Old Tea and Horse Road – Inscription on the paifang of Yuannayi village

When traveling in Yunnan, I heard a lot about the “Old Tea and Horse Road”. Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang, Shangrila and Deqin to name just a few were important stops of caravans transporting tea to Tibet – they are now part of the Yunnan backpackers trail.

To me, the ‘Old Tea and Horse Road’ (茶马古道) was merely four Chinese characters on ancient village‘s paifangBeyond the images of tea on horse caravans and forgotten stone trails, I needed to put a story on these four Chinese characters.

So, I did some readings (mainly academic articles and books in English and Chinese) which took me through Chinese history. The article below is merely a non-exhaustive preliminary story to understanding what was the Tea and Horse Road.

Tea and Horse Road, Yunnan Fresh tea leaves in a tea factory in…

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