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Save our words

I recently received a complimentary email from a friend who is an accomplished author. She was responding to a post of mine entitled ‘I’m over the moon‘ and it led to a discussion about the English language.

Congrats James!

Have you joined Goodreads yet?

Hey is jewelry mis-spelled or the British version? “He is now Chairman of a jewellery wholesaler”

My reply was; Continue reading Save our words


A Confession - Tolstoy
A Confession – Tolstoy

I have been reading ‘A Confession’ by Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910); a short work on the subject of melancholia, philosophy and religion. It was written in 1879 (when he was 51) and in it he addresses his depressed state brought about by a need to understand the meaning, or rather the non-meaning, of life. My purpose in reading his work was not to depress myself as ‘A Confession’ could easily have done but to gain some insight as to why such a creative and successful man took to writing, not because of a passion but solely, because of the financial need to support a young family. Continue reading THE SHEER JOY OF WRITING

The muse

I hear the rush of inspiration

Flying on the breeze.

I’ve got no pen or paper;

I’ve got no time to freeze.

If I don’t catch it now, flying through the air

The story’s gone right through my head.

The warning signs are there.

A walk, a drive, rest on my bed.

It’s funny how I write this stuff

Because it’s never planned.

It comes from random thoughts

At oddest times not spanned.

Inspired by what?

The muse unknown.

It will pass through

If not wrote down.

Oft times recalled but ne’er so clear,

As that first message in my ear.

Will loss of language skills lead to a breakdown in society?

“If we lose our language skills will we lose the ability to communicate with one another which will then lead to a breakdown in Society?”

The wonders of modern technology

In the last 20 years the internet has developed to such a degree that bricks and mortar reference libraries have virtually passed their sell-by date and become obsolete. Wherever you are in the world you have information on tap via Google search and that is one of the greatest inventions and benefits of modern technology imaginable.

We have mobile telephone contact from virtually anywhere to anywhere. No more scrabbling around to find a public phone box in a thunder storm when your car has broken down.

Short of making you a cappuccino your PC can take the drudgery out of the mundane if you invest time in learning how to harness its power. Then you can use the time saved to advance your career, education, business and life at a faster pace.  Alternatively, as many do, you can use the time saving to laze or extend your leisure activities. The choice is yours. Continue reading Will loss of language skills lead to a breakdown in society?

How to consistently produce quality blog content

English: WordPress Logo
English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are new or relatively new to blogging, having to learn the ins and outs of how WordPress works, managing the blog itself, the technical aspects plus integrating social media and fielding the myriad emails that fly in all day and every day, you will appreciate how undeniably daunting it is. I learned in a short time to respect all the part-time bloggers who have full-time jobs. If you are one, honestly, I really admire you. How do you do it? I still feel like I am back at college reading for a degree. Having said all that it is one of the most exciting, challenging and invigorating projects I have ever undertaken. Continue reading How to consistently produce quality blog content