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Why are you following me?

Question mark
Question mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I was writing Jamoroki’s first birthday post it got me thinking about a few things.

It may sound like a silly question but I have just realised that after 1 year I have 300 followers. That’s not many, you may say, but it’s 300 more than I had a year ago. On top of that I have chosen to follow around 70 bloggers. So there’s at least 370 of us on the same or similar wavelengths.

Yet I don’t know why any of my followers are following me and none of the people I follow know why I am following them. Why? Because we are not asking each other the very simple question.

Noboby has ever asked me why I follow them and I have never asked anyone why they are following jamoroki until now.

Do we actually think about it and is it really that important?

Now I come to think about; yes, it is important because when I follow a blog it can be for a multitude of reasons and seldom the same reason for each blog. Some I follow because I love the way a person writes. Some because the content is helpful to me and informative. Some because I am intrigued by their experiences. And so on. There are so many reasons and  because I want to improve my blogging the feedback from followers (not just in comments) is extremely valuable information.

It seems such an obvious question that we should all be asking and the answers are readily available, yet no-one seems to have thought about it. So from now on I shall be asking new jamoroki followers –

‘Why are you following me?’

I will leave it up to the people I follow to ask me. Then I will see if any have read this post!

I’m looking forward to the answers which I will log and monitor over the next year. It should be fun but more importantly will give me an insight to what the followers like about jamoroki. They may even be bold enough to tell me what they don’t like also.