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Balancing a love for wildlife with the demand for fossil fuel

In today’s world, when we think about preserving wildlife, it’s rare that you can mix it with the continuous use of oil and gas. The negative effects of fossil fuels on nature have long been publicized in the media. Amongst the most recent was the effects of unused oil and gas, its surrounding environment and most notably the region’s water supplies.

Texas Parks & Wildlife mentioned 4 steps to implement voluntary conservation practices:

1. Start with planning
2. Operations
3. Reclamation
4. Monitoring

There is more general guidance in minimizing impacts of fossil fuel to natural resources in a Texas Parks and Wildlife report. Continue reading Balancing a love for wildlife with the demand for fossil fuel

Jodi Arias – What next?

State Seal of Arizona.
State Seal of Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can all postulate about the Jodi Arias case until the cows come home but unfortunately for all parties this has been a monumental balls up from the start. It seems that , whichever side of the fence you sit on, we are all as dazed and confused as we can possibly be. It is almost as though she is still on trial, we are waiting for the verdict and we have forgotten that she has been found guilty of First Degree Murder because her fate is still unknown. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be convicted of murder in any degree but when the State’s incompetence adds further torture to the convicted and the victim’s family because it embodies a system whereby a persons fate cannot be decided that is just not humane in my book. Continue reading Jodi Arias – What next?