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The Journey

You are my life,

The very air I breathe,

My window on the world.

We are one.

As the sea, the land, the sky,

We are inseparable.

Death shall not part us.

Wait for me till my ashes

 Are returned to Mother Earth,

At the Point where

The two great Oceans meet.

Till then shall your spirit stay

To guide and comfort me, 

Till I too depart this earth.


Then shall we meet again, and as one

Carry on our eternal journey.

A Winter’s Day

There, I see a robin

On the window’s bay.

A snowflake floating by

On this, a winter’s day.

The scent of new mown grass,

Beneath an April shower,

Heralds spring has come

To raise another flower.

Otters play along the bank;

Picnics in the glade.

Summer days are long and hot;

Lazing in the shade.

Heaven’s eye begins to water

And green turns into gold.

All the leaves are going.

Like us they’re growing old.

There, I see my robin

On the window’s bay.

Snowflakes fall again

On this, a winter’s day.

Little bird

Good morning little bird.

You came to visit me?

I’m very pleased to see you.

Shall we have a cup of tea.


You’ll have to learn to fly soon.

Pussy’s in the bush.

I can’t wait here all day;

And he’s not in a rush.


That’s very good; please try again.

But next time find a tree.

That one over there will do.

Just don’t land next to me.


You’re safe right now but

Please be quiet; Pussy’s very clever.

If you’re not I’ll be so sad

Because I’ll see you never.

Inspiration: True story that happened to me.


Love, I need you by my side

But I must wait until the tide

Turns one time more

Back to the shore.


I may not know just what is real.

You can’t disguise the way you feel

Unless the truth from me you hide.

In someone else you may confide.


Don’t let pride stand in the way

Of truth and your integrity.

My love for you has no condition.

Your happiness is my sole mission.


Needs I have; share I must.

I could ne’er replace your trust.

You and I have more than love.

A call it seems as from above.


A line from you won’t go amiss,

Or even maybe one last kiss;

So then I’ll know you still do care

About our long time love affair.

Road to Hell

Some are selfish; some are not.

Trapped inside their granite shell.

Be satisfied with what you’ve got.

Don’t travel on the road to hell.


Some care for others far too much.

Forget they too could be a star.

Care for yourself and keep in touch

With you and you  and who you are.


If you think before you speak,

Chances are you won’t be wrong.

But if you don’t, you will be weak;

Not the one who will be strong.


Then’s the time to give a lot

And help the world along its way.

One day, we know, t’will be too hot.

Keep us safe until that day.


Some love the Earth; others ne’er.

In ignorance they can’t defend.

Gaia controls us; so beware.

There’s no surprise how it will end.


Subscribe to greed and avarice

And you will surely rue the day.

Happiness is not a vice

But decadence is not the way.

The key

You are custodian of yourself;

Safe keep the key.

You’ll find in time

‘twill set you free.


Test your morals

If you must.

‘tis then you’ll see

Where lays the trust.


I trust in you to trust yourself

And to your own self be true.

Pleasure is a slice of time.

A bolt of light from out the blue.


Accept what is and let it be.

The answers always lie within.

Look not without you’ll not be free.

You have the key so just look in.



The tree

I’ve seen them come.

I’ve seen them go.

I feed them all.

They reap; I sow.


I give them shelter from the rain.

I give them shelter from the sun.

I built this house not just for me.

I built this house for everyone.


Now I’m old but

I’m still strong.

I will be here

When they are gone.