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A Tear

A tear seeps weakly from

The corner of my eye.

Not a tear of sorrow;

Not a tear of joy.

Eyes pulled deep in sockets

Like black-holes in the sky.

Sinus working over time.

Emitting matter; head so dry.

My lungs heave

In search of air.

There’s very little

Of that here.

Will I see sunrise again.

Mountains have disappeared from view.

The hills and trees

Have all gone too.

They are all still there;

But pleasure my eye no more.

A glass-less greenhouse.

Hell’s kitchen’s core.

The furnace lit as day unfolds

Will burn for hours unabated.

By noon so hot

By eve cremated.

No rain’s been seen since November.

The reservoirs are running dry.

Just one storm in mid-December.

Canals and rivers trickle by.

The farms are parched and all that stands,

Clinging to life each day,

Are fields of corn that grips the land

Till Monsoon comes. Hope away.

Yet still by night

The fires they light.

The men who farm the very land,

To then destroy with their own hand.


[This is Chiang Mai 19th April 2016]


The best way to see Thailand – Excerpt (8)


Driving Thailand is the second Volume of my Thailand Diaries and is now complete. But before I publish it as my second FREE e-book I have decided to post a selection of excerpts which I hope will encourage you to download and enjoy the whole book.


Different regions, as in most countries, have their own food specialties and Chiang Mai is no exception and in some ways exceptional. Fruit and vegetables are plentiful as this is the main crop growing area which supplies Bangkok and the South. In the City there are many eating places some of which are apparently very famous. I have a strong suspicion you will not find them listed in Egon Ronay’s good food guide but tuck into Khao Soi Gai with pickled cabbage and you’ll forget Egon for a moment. Another delightful culinary experience from the north is Tod Man Pla (deep fried fish pattie). The small rural villages are very friendly and tidier than those of Isaan and it’s very easy for expats to integrate into comfortable country living.

Lemon Curd
Lemon Curd

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