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Fires already?

I have written many times on the subject of atmospheric pollution and although I am taking a break from blogging for a while I cannot contain my emotions when it comes to being exposed to deliberately started forest fires.

While I am managing a building project in Northern Thailand I am staying on the hill slopes of Huai Kaew village, 30 kms north of Chiang Mai, bordering the forests. The climate at this time of year is comfortable. Cool at night and early morning rising to 30c + in the day with no rain except the occasional shower.

But now the burning season starts when the monsoon rains have gone and farmers burn off the dry dead grasses and stubble to stimulate new growth next year around May/June’; then Cutting back excessive growth, clearing land and deforestation for fruit and vegetable farming. Continue reading Fires already?



 “To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.” (Voltaire 1694-1778)

The weather is really wonderful and Kata beach was idyllic this morning. As I ploughed through the soft sand onto the firmer part of the shore the gently frothing surf trickled in, barely disturbing the sand as it quickly disappeared; the placid woolly breeze did little to take the edge off the tropical morning air even though it was still only seven am. Few people are around at this time of day so it was very peaceful but don’t be deceived by the apparent calm of the sea. At this time of year there is a strong undertow of current that can whip your legs from under you and drag you out to sea very quickly. Many people get caught and some drown before the lifeguards can get to them. The red flags will be flying by ten and it’s wise not to enter the water in between them. Swimming is safer at each end of the bay. I want to swim and there are a few already in so I joined them, but not too far away from the rocks. Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 19