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Artists don’t retire – they just die.

Quite recently I was encouraged to watch the massively popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ and maybe afterwards I will read the books by George RR Martin. I have, at the time of writing, watched the first five episodes and must say I am finding it thoroughly entertaining. How I will feel after sixty episodes remains to be seen. The lavish, and no doubt expensive, production and screen play is first rate. However, the acting, while passable for a movie of this genre, is not top drawer.

 The purpose of this post, however, is not to critique the series but to highlight the criticism which has been levelled, unfairly in my opinion, at the Author for being behind the eight ball and not finishing the project. Much has been written, some of it unjustifiably aggressive. Here is an example followed by a quote from the Guardian. Continue reading Artists don’t retire – they just die.