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A Tear

A tear seeps weakly from

The corner of my eye.

Not a tear of sorrow;

Not a tear of joy.

Eyes pulled deep in sockets

Like black-holes in the sky.

Sinus working over time.

Emitting matter; head so dry.

My lungs heave

In search of air.

There’s very little

Of that here.

Will I see sunrise again.

Mountains have disappeared from view.

The hills and trees

Have all gone too.

They are all still there;

But pleasure my eye no more.

A glass-less greenhouse.

Hell’s kitchen’s core.

The furnace lit as day unfolds

Will burn for hours unabated.

By noon so hot

By eve cremated.

No rain’s been seen since November.

The reservoirs are running dry.

Just one storm in mid-December.

Canals and rivers trickle by.

The farms are parched and all that stands,

Clinging to life each day,

Are fields of corn that grips the land

Till Monsoon comes. Hope away.

Yet still by night

The fires they light.

The men who farm the very land,

To then destroy with their own hand.


[This is Chiang Mai 19th April 2016]


Fires already?

I have written many times on the subject of atmospheric pollution and although I am taking a break from blogging for a while I cannot contain my emotions when it comes to being exposed to deliberately started forest fires.

While I am managing a building project in Northern Thailand I am staying on the hill slopes of Huai Kaew village, 30 kms north of Chiang Mai, bordering the forests. The climate at this time of year is comfortable. Cool at night and early morning rising to 30c + in the day with no rain except the occasional shower.

But now the burning season starts when the monsoon rains have gone and farmers burn off the dry dead grasses and stubble to stimulate new growth next year around May/June’; then Cutting back excessive growth, clearing land and deforestation for fruit and vegetable farming. Continue reading Fires already?

Are we human?

As Koh Phuket suffers from deliberate crop burning in far-away Sumatra and Northern Thailand prepares itself for the same treatment in February and March each year, I wonder are we obsessed with fire?

Rawai Sunrise – September 2015

Air pollution drifting in from Indonesia changes the landscape in Rawai Bay, Phuket
Air pollution drifting in from Indonesia changes the landscape in Rawai Bay, Phuket

Continue reading Are we human?

Meaning in Time

 You think about now.

 We talk about how

 Warring and pain

 Feel like acid rain.

 We’re living in fear

 So where to from here.

 Just tow the line;

 There’ll be meaning in time.

Is it nonsense to you?

 It’s nonsense to me.

 Can’t believe it is true;

 How can we be

  Living in fear?

  So where to from here.

  We’re towing the line;

  Will there be meaning in time?


 So you want to fly;

 Can’t see a blue sky.

 The landscape is stained;

 There’s more acid rain.

 Still living in fear;

 Where to from here?

 Still towing the line

 There’ll be meaning in time.

The days are all gone now;

  No sky to see

 The Earth is parched dry;

 We run to the sea.

 No need to fear as

 There’s nowhere from here.

 So why tow the line;

 There’s no meaning in time.