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Life is fun

When we were young and life was fun,

We didn’t care, we had no clue.

What was there for us to learn,

In those days before we knew?

Soon we were warned about Big G.

Of mortal sin we lived in fear.

JC would save us from our woes.

The Holy Ghost may not appear.

Then came a man with sparkling eyes,

With silver tongue and many lies.

But you saw through his fake disguise,

And tales of how to live and die.

We searched for meaning of some kind.

Egoless with no false pride.

We left our worldly goods behind,

And travelled far and often wide.

We lazed on islands of the East,

And filled our lungs with pristine air.

We gorged ourselves on nature’s feast,

And other stuff we should not dare.

When the well it did run dry

We had not found the Holy Grail.

Back to the start we had to fly

But never thought that we did fail.

We worked and strove in boring ways,

To fill the pot again and dream

Of soon, when we would spend more days,

Wandering again, perchance to dream.

So this is life’s eternal search.

Back and forth we go and come.

The only one we have to teach,

Is our self, that life is fun.  

Searching to be Free

High city walls are all about me.

Yet no walls can I see.

Storm clouds hang above my head

But no rain falls on me

Bright sun lights the horizon

A thousand miles away.

Fields of corn wave in the breeze.

Flowers bloom every day.

The walls they now close in

As storm clouds start to burst.

The corn is smashed flat,

The rain it feeds our thirst.

For I am one with nature,

At times I cannot see.

From this land I came and am

Still searching to be free.


Are you still asking questions

Of minds that cannot see.

Searching for the answers.

Answers there’ll never be.

Are you waiting for a moment,

A time when we’re all free.

Are you waiting for a time

Of truth and honesty.

You cannot go away

Until that day arrives.

Don’t you ever go away;

Please keep the hope alive.

Inescapably Free

I am a stranger in this world.

A cosmic fluke I can’t divine.   

Its vagaries lack motivation.

It’s song and dance discordant time.

Am I body or have I body?

Was I made or did I grow?

From out this world did I once come?

Or into it, as some say so?

As the light wanes

I will fade in worldliness.

As life is the light

You are the lightness.

As the dark advances

I will regress

As death is the dark 

Who will be the darkness.

When the forces of darkness are all around

I want to be where I can see,

Not where the unknown abounds.

I want to be – inescapably free.

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