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How to teach a bird to fly!!!

It seems inconceivable that a mere earthbound creature can teach a budding aeronautical genius to fly. But that is one of the tasks allotted to me following a chance encounter with a stranded fledgling Common Myna bird.

A shoulder to cry on

Storm damage

In our need to protect ourselves from the damage storms can inflict it is easy to overlook the plight of helpless wildlife that lives with us in our daily lives. Trees provide refuge and homes for many creatures and like our own homes they are subjected to the ravages of wind and rain which can tear them limb from limb. This is, of course, all a part of the natural world and unless you accidentally come across a stranded creature, as I did, you will likely be unaware of the loss of wildlife in a big storm. Continue reading How to teach a bird to fly!!!

Who are masters of the air?

The Red Arrows in Apollo formation (2010)
The Red Arrows in Apollo formation (2010) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every evening around 6 o’clock I witness an aerial display that would put the ‘Red Arrows’ to shame. Man has tried for years to dominate the skies but thankfully will never match the speed, agility and stealth of the swallow. I sit in awe every evening and marvel at how these tiny birds hurtle through my garden airspace at supersonic speed devouring even the tiniest of flying insects on their incredible trip. They don’t even stop to re-fuel. Continue reading Who are masters of the air?