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Why coconuts are a health hazard?

When I try to put my life into perspective I am always cognisant of the many strange experiences I have had, some fortunate and others not so. One such experience occurred on a visit to one of the many outdoor temporary markets which are to be found all over Thailand and indeed most countries of the East. I made a suggestion, or more likely a throw-away remark, that ‘air raid sirens’ should be installed there. On the face of it, I am sure you will think it to be a strange request, as Thailand has never been at war with any country capable of launching an air raid. But, if you permit me to continue, or read further, you may reconsider. Continue reading Why coconuts are a health hazard?

Early morning garden


My young garden is so alive this morning. Dawn has barely broken, it’s been raining all night and the windless blanket of grey sky could mean it won’t stop for some time. Thankfully I cut the grass yesterday and I can almost feel it teasing me as I watch it, sprouting yet again, from the sala. Although the still and damp air is cool I seldom feel the need for any clothing other than shorts or a sarong for modesty. I’ve nothing to hide really but we are different from the other animals and I don’t want splinters in my bum from a rough garden bench. Continue reading Early morning garden