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How I got stuffed by a Christmas turkey

Believe it or not this story is true – Well, almost.

This is my favourite personal Christmas story which brings back memories of when I was a pretentious thirty-something. Then I believed, rather foolishly, that roasting the biggest turkey you could get, at Christmas, was a status symbol of note. Thank the lord those days are now long gone. Continue reading How I got stuffed by a Christmas turkey

A very funny Christmas

I wanted to do a little Christmas post to cheer you all up and wish you all the best for 2015. But I couldn’t think of anything more amusing than the post I did last year. So if you didn’t see it or have forgotten, here it is again with my compliments of the season.

Once again I wish everyone in the world a truly joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

I also wanted to be sure that all of you start off your holiday with a really good laugh and then realised that I wasn’t the man to do that. So I’ve left it to Mr. Bean. Make sure you have a wee-wee before you watch.