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South Africa Diaries – Chapter 8

Central Cape Town from Lions Head
Central Cape Town from Lions Head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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A Landsat image of Cape Town overlaid on SRTM ...
A Landsat image of Cape Town overlaid on SRTM elevation data. Elevation is exaggerated by a factor of two. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April’s column – Chapter 8 of my South Africa Diaries is entitled ‘Back for Good’ and chronicles my return to Cape Town in 1995 and the real beginning of a permanent life in South Africa until 2011.


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The Eighth Day

Marius was closed so Jake strolled on down from Heritage Square in search of a friendly looking coffee shop. He enjoyed his early morning heart starter almost to the point where it had become compulsory. Marius had provided the near perfect quirky environment. An eclectic mix of battered old leather sofas, rickety tables and chairs from a bygone era and moth-eaten crimson velvet curtains seemed quite at home in the dimly lit lounge. Somehow he had managed to acquire a vast collection of artwork, mainly prints of old masters. Degas, Monet and Renoir featured prominently. Continue reading The Eighth Day

South Africa Diaries

It seems that a lot of readers are not aware (probably because I haven’t publicised it very well!) that I write a monthly column in Expat Focus entitled South Africa Diaries.

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The Diaries trace my 20 year journey starting in 1990, when I first started taking three month trips to Durban to assist a friend with scratch card lotteries in the Transkei and Johannesburg, right through until I left Cape Town for Thailand in 2011.

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 “I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand…Adventure is a state of mind – and spirit.” (Jacqueline Cochran 1910 -1980)

Photo of the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Photo of the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Flight 535 to Kuala Lumpur is now boarding at Gate 8’. On my third visit, I would begin to find out what living in Thailand was really about as I boarded the Malaysian Airlines flight from Cape Town to Kuala Lumpur on June 2nd 2008. On previous visits I always flew direct to Thailand via Changi airport in Singapore. Normally business was the priority with maybe a short holiday in Phuket for two or three weeks afterwards. But this time it was to be a fifteen week working holiday with a few days stopover in Kuala Lumpur to start with and a couple of weeks of intense business in Bangkok thrown in for good measure. Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 1