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I’m over the moon

I really hate blowing my own trumpet but if someone is kind enough to do it for me then I’m happy to share what is now, after all, public on Amazon.
It takes a lot of hard work and time to write a book. Sometimes authors get it right and give pleasure to a lot of people. Sometimes we don’t however hard we have tried. When someone expresses gratitude, enjoy it, if they criticise you brutally accept it with good grace. Either way you know you have touched the reader.
At the moment I am feeling a warm glow because of the very kind words written by an Amazon reviewer. They will hopefully sustain me when the inevitable happens and some critic lays into me. Hopefully I will be able to learn from the bad reviews as well.
5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t pass this amazing book by!, March 13, 2017
Verified Purchase
Incredible, I cannot believe this awesome book was free. I learned more about Thailand in this book than all the 6 I purchased! A MUST for anyone who is even remotely interested in Thailand! Thank YOU++++

The Land so named

In the land that is so named

Your smile was once beyond compare.

Beneath the secrets veiled

An inner beauty pure and rare.


And beauty takes its name from thee.

The blazing eye of Buddha’s fire;

Thro’ Northern haze now cannot shine.

The tears run dry; the earth its pyre.


No fight beyond your cities wall

But inner strife that still returns.

The Buddha way will balance all;

Inside your heart the flame still burns.


Your people want a peaceful life;

Who rules they may not care a jot.

Be fair to every man and wife.

Power struggles, but for what?


You cannot say just how you feel.

You must suppress your inner thought.

No questions you may ask.

Your freedom must be sought.


For now your smile it sadly wanes,

Although the fire within you burns

To live and love the way you did.

Wait for the day your smile returns.



The best way to see Thailand – Excerpt (5)


Driving Thailand is the second Volume of my Thailand Diaries and is now complete. But before I publish it as my second FREE e-book I have decided to post a selection of excerpts which I hope will encourage you to download and enjoy the whole book.



The drive

Pattaya located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand is 100 kilometres southeast of Bangkok in Chonburi province. Take Route 7 south and the freeway will take you there in approximately 90 minutes. The drive is easy and pleasant and you’ll be there before you know it. Continue reading The best way to see Thailand – Excerpt (5)

Will Wat Rong Khun survive the earthquake?

The construction of Wat Rong Khun, which is also known as the ‘White Temple’, began in 1997 and is featured in my post published on May 11th. At the time of publication the extent of the damage, to Wat Rong Khun, caused by the earhquake the week before had not been reported.


Continue reading Will Wat Rong Khun survive the earthquake?

Borneo, A Country? You Are So Wrong! Welcome To Malaysia

Fun fact about Malaysia:  Did you know that there are about 200 languages spoken in this country?

The Southeast Asian region must be very fascinating for many people.  It seems like every winter and spring in the northern or southern hemisphere I can see Caucasians (I could be biased and throwing a stereotype) roaming around all over the place – my home country included.  In general, when I mention Malaysia (my home country) to other fellow travelers, these are the most common responses:

read more


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FREE – 15 WEEKS – e-book Now available

So the serialisation of Volume 1 of Thailand Diaries – 15 WEEKS on jamoroki is now complete, after four months, following the posting of the final and 33rd episode. If you have been reading the posts over the last few months I hope you enjoyed them.

If you haven’t managed to read them or you have only read a few episodes the good news is that 15 WEEKS is now available as an ebook with ‘Smashwords’

Download your copy now COMPLETELY FREE.

During 2014 and 2015 this will be followed up with the publication of 2 more volumes of Thailand Diaries.

Here is a summary of the publications. Continue reading FREE – 15 WEEKS – e-book Now available



Fruit festivals

Nui gave me a bunch of bananas. Was this a peace offering after the bitter bean experience? I think not. Just another random act of kindness.

Fruit and Veg Market
Fruit and Veg Market

I found an interesting story by R. Cameron Cooper on the internet about The Thailand Fruit Festival to which I have added my own thoughts. Everyone loves fruit. In the colder climates, fruit has always been well recognised for its healthy properties, it has traditionally been considered a bit of a luxury item. Not so in Thailand. One of the great things about taking a holiday in the land of the endless summer is that fruit is everywhere all year around. In a place where one hot sunny day follows another, a good way of keeping track of time passing is keeping an eye on which fruits are bursting at the seams on the tables of roadside stalls. Fruit, not surprisingly, is a cornerstone of the Thai diet. Thais generally sit down to their three square meals a day, but tend to nibble from the time they get up until they pack it in at night. Much of the time this snacking style of eating involves fruit. In keeping with this fruit obsession, many areas of the Country hold annual fruit festivals during the month of May, when many of the Thailand fruits come into their peak season. The festivals include cooking contests, parades, farm tours, and of course, beauty contests (where a young girl gets to hold the dubious title of Miss Durian for a whole year!). If you ever visit a Thai home there is a good chance you will be offered a big fruit platter of which you will do well to eat a quarter. Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 31



100 years!!!

I felt a lot better last night but I’m suffering again today. It was obviously a reaction to the treatment so I decided to ease up a bit. I couldn’t get out anyway until the rain stopped which it didn’t until after lunch. A short walk to the coffee shop loosened me up a bit. So did the coffee!

I was back on Crackers table again this morning, not feeling too clever at all. The discomfort and the strong treatment really zonked me and I was forced to take it easy. In fact I felt like a zombie all week. A very efficient masseuse suggested that if I spent more time with her I would live for 100 years. I told her that, considering the way I felt right now, the thought of living that long wasn’t too appealing but nevertheless I thanked her for her kind offer. As all the customers I’ve seen in her shop are well below 100, and don’t look like they’ll make their flights home, I dismissed her claim as a subtle sales pitch! Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 30

Thailand Travellers – Help Desk

Recently I’ve had a number of new ex-pats and travellers contact me through my blog requesting travel help in Thailand and sourcing products. So I have now added a Thailand Travellers Help Desk in the left sidebar which I hope will make it easier for those in need of some help to access useful internal and external content quickly. The internal links are selective but, as my blog grows, more information will be found here.  I will endeavour to develop these links selectively and actively encourage other bloggers  based in Thailand who can offer advice or assistance to new ex-pats, travellers or business people to contribute to the library.

You are welcome to contact me either by comment or email if you feel I may be able to help in any way.

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“It gets a lot easier to deal with life’s curveballs when you’re not hiding under layers of fat”. (Ali Vincent)

Sea pollution

The rains have gone, the sun is up and I was off to the beach before breakfast. It was rough this morning. Big surf was crashing onto the beach which was littered with ‘flotsam and jetsam’; a real mess. All manner of rubbish had been washed up over the last five days of stormy weather. Why do people continue to abuse the beautiful environment we have been gifted by Mother Nature? Plastic and glass bottles, plastic and wooden crates, old fishing nets, soft drinks cans, plastic bags and bags of household rubbish. Even the latest newspapers, with the print a bit washed out so you can only read the headlines and enough driftwood to build a house litter the beach. Whatever happened to garbage bins and refuse collection services? I don’t suppose there will ever be enough of either or is it that people don’t know about them? Larry, my Hawaiian friend, tells me that most of this rubbish is dumped off the Indonesian coast and comes here on the tide. Whatever, it really is a big problem all over the world, damaging the eco-system and an eyesore when it lands. Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 29