DRIVING THAILAND – Thailand Diaries – Volume 2 – FREE

The serialisation of Volume 2 of Thailand Diaries – DRIVING THAILAND on ‘jamoroki.com’ is now complete following the posting of the final excerpt. If you have been reading the 9 posts over the past weeks I hope you have enjoyed them.

Driving-Thailand-188x300 DRIVING THAILAND - Thailand Diaries - Volume 2 - FREEIf you haven’t managed to read them or you have only read a few excerpts the good news is that DRIVING THAILAND published as a FREE e-book by ‘Smashwords’ is available NOW. During 2015 this will be followed up with the publication of the last Volume 3 of Thailand Diaries – THAILAND IN PERSPECTIVE.

All three Volumes will be published as e-books and excerpts will be posted on ‘jamoroki.com’ prior to publication.

Volume 1 – 15 Weeks (FREE) DOWNLOAD NOW

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