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Photo-Travellers – Tell me your tales and get more readers.

Travellers and expats are usually explorers at heart and those that move around their country or the globe with a camera at the ready are historians as well. The thrill of capturing unique images in places you have never been to and may never visit again is a really special feeling.

My monthly series in THE DISPLACED NATION sheds light on the people who move through our planet with a camera in hand, registering the look, character and ambience of places and the locals that capture their imagination. Basically they will be ex-pats or travellers with a photographic bent, be it amateur or professional.

 “The founders of The Displaced Nation share a passion for what we call the “displaced life” of global residency and travel — particularly when it leads to creative pursuits, be it writing, art, food, business, social activism, or even (especially?) humour.”

In the November 2013 post I offered myself as the first subject and ‘guinea pig’ under my banner. I am pleased to say that every month since then, the slot has been filled by these adventurous, charming interviewees and their fascinating travellers tales.

If you are one of us Photo-Travellers I know you will have a story to tell and I would love to hear it. (Click here to contact me)

I hope to see all you ‘Displaced’ photo-travellers soon.

Best wishes