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Greater discontent Richard never felt, Than the bleakness I feel now. The taut white face of winter longs to melt, In the gentle arms of spring. Long days of summer never cease, And refuse the hour to sleep. A twig snaps on the forest floor, A startled deer looks up to see. Sad is the […]

Edge of Life

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I won’t come from the mountain, While days they are still long. I can’t come from the mountain, Until my work is done. I’ve still got my marbles, But my balls are getting weak. My eyes are somewhat hazy. Thank God that I can speak. If I am the first to leave, I’m sorry for […]

Heaven’s call

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If I could recall one moment in time, That was more vital and more passionate. Tempests have smoothed sandstone and lime And new tenants now in short and long relate. Where once our passion burned with deep intent, Now wrinkled and dimmed with furrowed brow. All sweet and youthful features then are spent, As time […]

The Wrecking Machine

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It’s coming from all sides But mainly from the right. It’s cloaked in many guises, In the shadows of the night. It’s breaking up the Union, It’ll soon break up the States. It fears the enemy within, At heart it’s full of hate. It’s turned the truth upon its head And placed a child upon […]

Happy Birthday

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Your birthday was a special day. Your tiny body from this world did come. Your mother smiled the pain away. Your father shed a tear and some. Each year another candle’s lit In memory of that wondrous day. With close friends you laugh and sit And celebrate in many ways.  As you grow the flame […]


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Like a new leaf to the tree we cling, then slowly grow and learn of life. Enduring woes soon grind us down and, grudging, we accept the hand we’re dealt. The struggle now is over; The futility is clear; The tree of life abandons us; Our grip is one of fear. Cast off now, we […]