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Life from above and beyond

As it’s the season of goodwill I thought it would be nice to share a beautiful gift from Trey Ratcliffe narrated by the late Alan Watts.

How I remembered TRINIDAD CARNIVAL 1982 by restoring old photos

In 1980 a friend of mine married a Trinidadian girl and two years later they invited me to visit them in St. Johns, Port of Spain for a three week holiday taking in the world famous annual Trinidad Carnival.

I'm watching you
I’m watching you

My wife and I stayed with the family and became totally immersed in the whole Carnival tradition and atmosphere at grass roots level. From the day we arrived until the day we left the island to return to England, we were involved in virtually every aspect of the Carnival, which was in full swing. Continue reading How I remembered TRINIDAD CARNIVAL 1982 by restoring old photos

Difficulty upgrading to Lightroom 6 in SE Asia? – Try this.

Lightroom 6 – SE Asia

Adobe’s launch of the latest version of Lightroom seems to be causing problems for many users of the software around the world. In particular for those of us amateur photographers who do not want to be part of ‘Creative Cloud’ but prefer to buy software outright rather than tying ourselves into a subscription plan.

So for those of you who live in South East Asia, like I do, and are struggling to UPGRADE from older versions of Adobe Lightroom to the new Lightroom 6 then here’s a solution I found from, fellow Englishman, John Beardsworth whose blog – Lightroom Solutions – is very helpful.

John searched for Thailand and got to their SE Asia page covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. It looks as though a few countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are excluded and I have no information there I’m afraid.

Anyway, believe it or not, if you are careful following the instructions you will be able to pay for and download the UPGRADE immediately from (Digital River Ireland Ltd. 98 Boulevard Du Prince, L-1724 Luxembourg) via the link.

It cost me THB2326.

Here’s my simple no frills walk you through the process guide.

  • Go to – Adobe Store South East Asia 
  • Select your currency in the red box (right hand side)
  • Go to bottom of Page 1 – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 – Click on BUY
  • At the top of the next page – Software Quick Links – Select from drop box ‘Adobe Lightroom 6 upgrade’
  • Choose your options – Select – Version – Platform – Language
  • Make sure Qty is 1 and ADD TO CART
  • Check the details in the Cart are correct and go to CHECKOUT
  • Sign in with your Adobe ID and follow the payment instructions.

The rest should be straightforward. If you have a problem check John’s post or contact me and I will see if I can help.

How to paint beautiful wall-art with your camera

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)

The fascinating technique of ICM or blurring images in camera before post processing is gradually becoming an accepted genre of photography. It is practised by a few very accomplished professionals such as Michael Orton, Chris Friel and Doug Chinnery.

One of the most exciting aspects of the process is that it is in its infancy and therefore the possibilities haven’t yet been fully explored. Nature provides the canvas in the form of the landscape and you provide the brush, in the form of a camera, as an extension of yourself and your imagination.

Another very encouraging aspect, for the inexperienced photographer, is that the playing field at this juncture is still pretty level. By that I mean that for professional and experienced amateur photographers who are trying it out it is also a learning curve. As we all experiment nobody really knows yet where it will lead and how it may be applied in the future. Continue reading How to paint beautiful wall-art with your camera

How to access Topaz Impression from Lightroom.

A few months ago I started testing some of Topaz Labs products using the 30 day trial offers. I particularly like ‘Impression’ but until recently I had been very frustrated by not being able to access it directly from Lightroom.

Because I really like the software I persevered for many weeks and was in constant touch with Topaz support who were most helpful. However, they too were unable to fathom out the problem and the conclusion I came to at the time was that it could only be used as a ‘stand-alone’. Continue reading How to access Topaz Impression from Lightroom.