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How to paint beautiful wall-art with your camera

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)

The fascinating technique of ICM or blurring images in camera before post processing is gradually becoming an accepted genre of photography. It is practised by a few very accomplished professionals such as Michael Orton, Chris Friel and Doug Chinnery.

One of the most exciting aspects of the process is that it is in its infancy and therefore the possibilities haven’t yet been fully explored. Nature provides the canvas in the form of the landscape and you provide the brush, in the form of a camera, as an extension of yourself and your imagination.

Another very encouraging aspect, for the inexperienced photographer, is that the playing field at this juncture is still pretty level. By that I mean that for professional and experienced amateur photographers who are trying it out it is also a learning curve. As we all experiment nobody really knows yet where it will lead and how it may be applied in the future. Continue reading How to paint beautiful wall-art with your camera

How to liven up your photography with ICM

Unless you are a ‘dyed in the wool’ traditionalist, intentional camera movement (ICM) can really add another dimension to your photography world.

Forest Waking
Forest Waking

Everything in photography is exciting for me as I am relatively new to the game. But it can be daunting to the newcomer when viewing the work of highly accomplished photographers who have perfected their craft over decades. Whilst you may well be inspired you instinctively know you have a long journey ahead of you to get anywhere near approaching their status. Continue reading How to liven up your photography with ICM

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Kseniya Simonova
Kseniya Simonova (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a unique post because I do not really have to write a single word.

Let me introduce an amazing artist Kseniya Simonova showcasing her incredible skill and creativity on Ukraine Got Talent. If this doesn’t move you nothing will.