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Scary screams


A series of scary frenetic piercing screams from next door told me there was possibly trouble afoot. My brain was in overdrive as my prehistoric legs moved my body as fast as they would take me. Was it murder? Had she fallen? Was it another cobra visitation? Foolishly I had taken a short cut through the lemon trees. On arrival my clothes were shredded and I was bleeding. As I staggered through the undergrowth I saw her barefoot husband, sporting only a pair of very skant sky blue underpants, sauntering across the yard about as fast as a turbo-charged tetraplegic tortoise. He was clearly used to this kind of melodramatic outpouring from the missus. In his hands he was carrying a breakfast cereal bowl which was by the time he reached his wife only half full of water. Luckily he had finished his cornflakes! Continue reading Scary screams

Are we capable of original thought?

English: Sam Harris
English: Sam Harris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sam Harris, the neuroscientist and author describes ‘Freewill’ as an illusion. He uses brilliant analogies to explain that acting of your own freewill implies that you could have done otherwise. He poses the question, ‘What are you going to think next? Your next thought comes out of nowhere. Whatever you are doing you have a voice in your head which just says things. Thoughts just emerge in consciousness. We can’t choose them before we think them. So if you can’t control your next thought where is your freedom of will?’ Continue reading Are we capable of original thought?

What is a book review?

Celsus Library was built in 135 AD and could h...
Celsus Library was built in 135 AD and could house around 12,000 scrolls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I never really gave much thought or paid any attention to book reviews until I started writing seriously. As a fledgling author it is a pleasant feeling when someone comments favourably that they enjoyed your book. It is OK if they say, it isn’t bad but I didn’t like this or that. But it is extremely unpleasant if they say it is a load of rubbish. Continue reading What is a book review?