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15 Weeks – Republished 2017 – FREE

15 WEEKS  has been republished and is available on 16th February.

As I move towards the final stages of completing the first draft of my novel I needed to take a little time out to start developing my Facebook author page and re-publish my Thailand Diaries which has been on my mind for some time. The repub is now done and the three ebooks, published by Pronoun, are now all FREE. They can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Google play. If you click where you see the link underlined you will be transported to my book page where you can choose your favourite retailer. Continue reading 15 Weeks – Republished 2017 – FREE

How you can and why you should restore old photos


If you are old enough to remember the age of pre-digital photography you may well have an attic full of travel memories in the form of old photos. Prints which you once thought were great but now look decidedly jaded or even worse. Even if you are younger I’m sure you will find some never to be repeated old photos, your parents took, which you can restore and transform into colourful pictures like this one below using new age photo editing software. (I must have done something wrong in the photo retouching as the final image shrunk. ( Just click it to open up larger image) Continue reading How you can and why you should restore old photos

Thailand Travellers – Help Desk

Recently I’ve had a number of new ex-pats and travellers contact me through my blog requesting travel help in Thailand and sourcing products. So I have now added a Thailand Travellers Help Desk in the left sidebar which I hope will make it easier for those in need of some help to access useful internal and external content quickly. The internal links are selective but, as my blog grows, more information will be found here.  I will endeavour to develop these links selectively and actively encourage other bloggers  based in Thailand who can offer advice or assistance to new ex-pats, travellers or business people to contribute to the library.

You are welcome to contact me either by comment or email if you feel I may be able to help in any way.

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How an ordinary photograph can surprise you.

Natures beautiful surprise!

All photographers must delete a high percentage of the photographs they take as substandard while they are in search of perfection, or as near to it as they can get. Since my recent experience I now always look closely before I discard any photo, even if I accidentally take a picture of my foot when I meant to snap a butterfly settled on a flower! You never know what you may find. Continue reading How an ordinary photograph can surprise you.



Tom Yum Gung
Tom Yum Gung (Photo credit: The Way of Slow Travel)

A quiet evening with Tom Yum Gung and wine turned out to be something I would never plan even if I had the opportunity. Stefan’s going home. A young single German, in his thirties I would say, on holiday in Phuket who speaks virtually no English and certainly no Thai.  He must have had a really good holiday!!

‘Are you coming Jim?’ ‘Sure. Where are we going?’

‘To Patong, dancing.’

Wow! Imagine my excitement. I suddenly realised I’d put ‘Sure’ in the wrong sentence and a little too early. This declaration was made by somebody in O’Tool’s at nine pm and was followed quickly, no doubt inspired by the look on my face, by ‘Don’t wolly we are only going for an hour.’ – ‘Great.’ Continue reading 15 WEEKS – THAILAND DIARIES – EPISODE 22