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How to take control of your blog and make it fun again

I recently came across a post entitled ‘letting down my guard and writing what I want to write’ by Miriam. I find the post moving in it’s honesty. Therefore, I was not surprised to see the large number of emotive comments, in response, from people who feel the same way as Miriam does. The post and one of the comments from ‘lostandfoundbooks’ inspired me to write this post in support. Continue reading How to take control of your blog and make it fun again

Who are the blog competitions REAL winners?

In order to answer the question posed we need to recognise that blogging falls under the arts. Just like authors, painters, sculptors, photographers, film-makers and musicians, bloggers do not compete directly with each otherIn fact  it can be argued that , if anything, competition stifles creativity which is the very essence of art. Continue reading Who are the blog competitions REAL winners?

How to consistently produce quality blog content

English: WordPress Logo
English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are new or relatively new to blogging, having to learn the ins and outs of how WordPress works, managing the blog itself, the technical aspects plus integrating social media and fielding the myriad emails that fly in all day and every day, you will appreciate how undeniably daunting it is. I learned in a short time to respect all the part-time bloggers who have full-time jobs. If you are one, honestly, I really admire you. How do you do it? I still feel like I am back at college reading for a degree. Having said all that it is one of the most exciting, challenging and invigorating projects I have ever undertaken. Continue reading How to consistently produce quality blog content

Why did Zemanta disappear?

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Many of us WordPress bloggers got a shock when our beloved Zemanta plug-in disappeared from our blogs without warning a few days ago. I was writing a post when I thought ‘Hang on, something is missing here.’

When I realised what it was I immediately wrote to WP Support who have been absent for approximately 2 weeks and received this information today. Continue reading Why did Zemanta disappear?

JACK THE HACK: Expat authors, let’s reopen that blogging can of worms (1/3)

This is my first reblog and I thought you would be interested in Jack’s straight forward and unpretentious approach to his subject matter. Hope you enjoy it. James

The Displaced Nation

JACK THE HACK _writingtipsA pressured existence in the UK led Jack Scott and his partner, Liam, to seek sanctuary in the Turkish port town of Bodrum. This expat experience was literally something to write home about (as in a book!), after which the pair returned to the UK, where they are living the life of Riley in Norwich.

We have invited Jack, now reinvented asJack the Hack, to submit a monthly column targeted at those of you who are still displaced and hacking away at travelogues-cum-memoirsor, in some cases, autobiographical novels. Warning to non-Brits: Don’t be put off by his wry sense of humo(u)r!

—ML Awanohara

As far as the book malarkey goes, unless you’re lucky enough to bag a big boy in the publishing world, you will carry the can to get the word out. These days, this means developing a strong and dynamic online presence.

To some…

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