Hey, it’s great to see you on Jamoroki. Please take a couple of minutes  with me in the video posted on Youtube 13th October 2013 as a fledgling blogger of 2 months.

Ever evolving Jamoroki poses questions and brings information to readers about the need for social change in a forthright and humorous way. 

Via posts on travel experiences, memoirs and stories from places lived in or visited around the world Jamoroki attempts to raise awareness about many social issues.

  • A prime focus of the Blog is on SE Asia and Thailand, in particular, where I have lived since 2008 and where Jamoroki can offer assistance, to new ex-pats and travellers visiting for a short time, through the ‘Help Desk’.
  • A series of FREE ebooks, ‘Thailand Diaries’, will be published in 3 Volumes during 2014.
  • I write monthly columns for ‘Expat Focus’ and ‘The Displaced Nation’.
  • Selected videos relevant to jamoroki are available to view on the youtube channel, ‘jamoroki.com tv’ to which I will be adding when I can fathom out how YouTube works. (Any help would be most welcome)
  • Photo-Art is becoming an integral part of the blog and selected prints can be purchased here
  • Jamoroki adopts a share-alike approach and is licensed under Creative Commons.

But that is not all.

Posts on: – the Natural world – Environmental issues – Human rights – Biographies, Philosophy, Poetry and Verse, Newsworthy stories and other informative or humorous feature articles will appear from time to time.

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and I really hope you enjoy it. I hope to see you again and again.

And don’t forget to laugh.

Best wishes


52 thoughts on “ABOUT JAMOROKI”

      1. Hi, my understanding of this award is that it is an online award given from bloggers to other bloggers (whether for an old or new blog site) as a way of acknowledging the hard work and great content! Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Steve. Trust you are well. I’m honoured indeed although I must confess I don’t know what the ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’ is. I’m sure you will let me know. James


      1. In Russian we have a saying “Согласен”! Which means agreed. I usually wait for a while before I ask a fellow blogger if they are interested in doing a guest post so I can view more of their blog and feel comfortable with them. But when I was reading your blog I could tell your work is top notch. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? I know my readership would love reading your thoughts.


        1. Sure Steve. I would love to do that as long as it’s not something I need 3 months to research. As you have probably seen on my blog I write monthly columns for The Displaced Nation and Ex pat Focus so I am pretty busy. But if it’s a one off or occassional that’s fine. Let me know if you want it on a specific subject or random.

          You are also welcome to Re-blog any of my posts if that helps.


          1. That’s great! Mostly what my guest bloggers write about is bridging cultures, bringing people closer together. Eddie did this through introducing his hometown, it was great. Mostly what I ask is that what ever you write it helps unite, what you write and what you share is up to you. I always tell my guest bloggers whatever they do it should lead the reader back to their blog or in your case the book you’ve written. By the way I just downloaded it from Smashwords, will let you know what I think in a couple of days. If you are interested let me know when you would like to post the article. That way I can prep my readers and get them excited about a new guest blogger.


          2. OK got it Steve.
            Ed’s posts are great. He is such an historian and when I wrote his story on The Displaced Nation I had to précis a lot of info.
            What I have in mind is to explain how I came to write Thailand Diaries and how my experiences showed me that we are pretty much all the same despite cultural and language differences.
            If I think one post is too long I’ll split it into 2 and you can post a week apart if you like.
            I’ll send you the draft and you can vet it and post when you like.
            James. PS. Hope you enjoy 15 WEEKS. It’s more fun than serious. Vols 2 and 3 get down to business.


          3. Great, sounds good. I’m looking forward to it. Do you have a time frame? Actually I think two posts are better, gets the reader excited for the next post coming. Hopefully will have time in this next week to read Volume One, talk to you soon.


          4. I have something suitable drafted already which I will rewrite and send to you for approval in a day or so. Shall I send some pictures as separate JPEG’s and note the places for you to insert?


    1. I am so happy to be able to give you some pleasure. It’s good to see you tackling your own demons with determination. Never give in. Hope to see you on jamoroki again. Drop in for cyber coffee any time. James


        1. Sorry. It’s me again. I’m a bit confused. Who is Shaun? (the creator of the award). There’s no contact details for him!! If I choose to nominate other people I need to know what this is all about and who is behind it. James


          1. Thanks for the link Kitty. I’ve scoured the site but can’t find anything about the award at all except a picture in the sidebar that says he created it in March 2013 but there is no link to anywhere. I am following you because I like your blog but I’m afraid I do not like Shaun’s blog at all. It really isn’t my scene and I definitely could not nominate anyone in those circumstances. So, whilst I appreciate your kind thoughts, I will have to decline the award. Keep blogging; your stuff is good. James.


    1. Hi Rachael
      I think I must put my ‘Contact us’ page somewhere else because you are not the only person who can’t find how to contact me.
      I’ll email you now.


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