Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Out of the morning mist the great wat rose,

And from the East looked out on everyone.

Reflecting on the lake in calm repose,

Secrets learned from ancients long since gone.

She beckoned me to enter,

As the night turned into day.

Through the gate into the centre,

Where lay jewels of yesterday.

I stood in awe, then turned to see

A young girl’s laughing eyes.

The future cradled in her hands,

Unknowing of those ancients wise.

She cast her eyes at waning stars,

As day was born from fading night.

Then wiped the moisture from her face,

And came to me at dawn’s first light.

Where have you been?

What did you see?

Please kind sir, look at me.

I wan dollas, you give to me?

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