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Where is Cambodia heading?

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Cambodia – My first and last visit to Angkor?

By ruling, this month, to disband the CNRP (Cambodia National Rescue Party) Cambodia’s Supreme Court has, in effect, removed any opposition to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party. As a result, Cambodia’s future for peace and democracy looks bleak once more. The decision makes me wonder if I will ever see the magnificent monuments to the ancient civilisation of Angkor again.

If not, I will always remember the impression Angkor Wat made that morning before sunrise.

Out of the morning mist the great wat rose,

And from the East looked out on everyone.

Reflecting on the lake in calm repose,

Secrets learned from ancients long since gone.

She beckoned me to enter,

As the night turned into day.

Through the gate into the centre,

Where lay jewels of yesterday.

I stood in awe, then turned to see

A young girl’s laughing eyes.

The future cradled in her hands,

Unknowing of those ancients wise.

She cast her eyes at waning stars,

As day was born from fading night.

Then wiped the moisture from her face,

And came to me at dawn’s first light.

Where have you been.

What did you see.

Please kind sir, look at me.

I wan dollas, you give to me?

I did Angkor archaeological park in three days. But I could not do justice to the ancient Capital of the once great Khmer Empire in three months, let alone three days. If like me, you only have three days, then three days it must be. Don’t let it stop you going.

IMG_0723-Edit-1024x741 Where is Cambodia heading?
River before the temple
IMG_0723-Edit-1024x741 Where is Cambodia heading?
Entrance to Preah Khan
IMG_0723-Edit-1024x741 Where is Cambodia heading?
Inside Preah Khan

Wonders of the World have captured man’s imagination for centuries so I knew I’d find Angkor Wat on a list somewhere. Sure enough, I did. The ultimate ten Man-Made wonders of the World compiled by The Learning Channel – wonders that still exist from all times and places. It is not so much Angkor Wat, the magnificent temple that stands proudly before you enter the City, Angkor Thom, but Angkor itself. The Capital of the ancient Khmer Empire in South East Asia has captured my imagination since 1991 when I first heard Jon Anderson sing ‘Angkor Wat’.



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