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Derek Murphy - relationship marketing

In his book, Book Marketing is Dead, Derek Murphy tells us all about what Relationship Marketing is. The book is a gem and it’s currently free.

Derek encapsulates his philosophy when quoting D’vorah Lansky, from Book Marketing Made Easy.

“Demonstrate that you care about people first and making money second, and your business will grow.”


In Book Marketing is Dead Derek puts it so simply and succinctly when he says things like;

‘There’s a very simple rule: 90% of your content should not be about yourself or your book. You should be sharing other people’s posts, researching and finding useful information online, helping people solve problems, and making positive relationships by providing value.’

Then he continues;

‘People won’t trust you if you tell them your book is awesome.’

In a way it’s obvious but sometimes we need reminding. How do you react when you know you are being pitched by a stranger you can’t even see? You are unlikely to respond as you would if someone was trying to befriend you in a relationship marketing sense.

‘You shouldn’t be marketing. You are trying to establish trust and make friends. And you can’t do that by selling or marketing your book. Instead, you need to be useful, friendly and helpful by building up goodwill.’

It’s natural to think ‘If I don’t blow my own trumpet who will?’ Derek says these guys will if they trust you.

‘……. you want to make lots of friends, but most importantly, you want to make a few close friendships with some powerful bloggers or community leaders. These are the gatekeepers. One tweet from them could sell thousands of your book. But there’s no way they’re going to help you promote your book unless they really know, like and trust you.’

‘….find a way to help them. Share their content. Review their stuff. Give critical feedback. Interact until they get to know who you are.’


I have no idea where this quote came from but it’s an old saying that has stayed with me since I read it first 50 years ago;

‘I always do more than I get paid for in the hope that I will eventually get paid for more than I do.’


Source: Murphy, Derek. Book Marketing is Dead: Book Promotion Secrets You MUST Know BEFORE You Publish Your Book. (Kindle Locations 808-810). Creativindie. Kindle Edition.

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