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Jodi Arias – Where does she stand 10 years on?

Jodi Arias Trial

Between 2013 and 2015 I published nine posts relating to the trial of Jodi Arias who was convicted of first-degree murder after she admitted to killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander in self-defence.

She is currently serving a sentence of natural life (life without parole). the appeal is set for 2018 but the process has already taken over two years. The court has finally set deadlines  for the defence and prosecution to file legal briefs. A three-judge panel will consider the appeal, perhaps after hearing oral arguments, all in all about three years after sentencing.

According to abc NEWS transcript errors and omissions are now prolonging the appeal process.

There was never any stage in the Jodi Arias saga when I felt comfortable that the truth had emerged, that a fair trial was in process or that the conviction was safe. One can only hope that the appeal will unravel the mystery of this bizarre case. Time will of course tell but in all honesty, I do not feel confident particularly in view of the following.

Jodi Arias Appeal

abc NEWS: ‘Jodi Arias’ case remains a headache for Arizona’s court system …………..’
Comment: From the way the trial was conducted this is hardly a surprise. Could it be due to flaws in their system that they have a migraine?

abc NEWS: ‘In Jodi Arias’ case, the state Court of Appeals had to repeatedly prod some of the trial’s 22 court reporters to finish transcripts, and at one point even ordered that dozens of transcripts be destroyed and redone because of errors and omissions.’
Comment: This indicates the lack of efficiency in court reporting, poor management with no checks and balances during the process leading to a considerable waste of time and money.

abc NEWS: ‘The reporter responsible for most of the transcripts told the court his production was hindered by a computer malfunction, his own cancer treatment and the amount of work involved in Jodi Arias’ case and others. Other reporters cited workload issues.’
Comment: This quote speaks largely for itself. Pathetic excuses from an inefficient organisation should redden the faces of management but I doubt it will.

abc NEWS: ‘Court of Appeals Presiding Judge Samuel Thumma referred questions to Court Clerk Amy Wood. She said the delays in Arias’ appellate case were unusual and a concern.
Comment: This case has been unusual and of great concern to many people throughout. But that means absolutely nothing unless there is an inquiry into the Arizona justice system. Can anyone see that happening in a lifetime?

abc NEWS: ‘…. Green and another defense lawyer – both appointed for Jodi Arias’ appeal – said in an Aug. 10 court filing that the transcripts were particularly important in Arias’ convoluted case because they had difficulty sorting out what happened when.
Comment: I am not in the least surprised by this. Prosecutorial misconduct, obstruction of justice, incompetent defence, witness tampering and… I could go on for a while. Anyone trying to get to grips with the case is bound to find it convoluted and would have difficulty sorting out what happened when. No doubt that is exactly what the prosecutor would hope for.

abc NEWS: Some possible appeal issues spanned five or six years of wrangling ….the defense lawyers wrote.”The pattern of this case reveals recurring issues……..”
Comment: A chink of light, maybe a ray of hope that could lead to the truth?

abc NEWS: ‘Court rules normally require that a defendant’s opening brief be filed within 40 days of the completion of the record, but Jodi Arias’ lawyers requested and got extra time.’
Comment: Another little piece of encouragement or just possible recognition of the enormity of the task facing the appeal lawyers?

If anyone finds out the exact date of the appeal before I do please let me know.

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