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WordPress site self-hosting – changing is not so easy?

wordpress-logo Wordpress site self-hosting - changing is not so easy?We are told it is easy to migrate to WordPress site self-hosting from to That may be the case if you have some technical expertise. If you haven’t then there are some things you should be aware of when you decide it’s time to self-host your WordPress website or blog before moving it to your selected host.

If you have published a lot of posts over a few years on a site you may be unhappy to find out there are some bugs after you decide to migrate to WordPress site self-hosting.

For starters, all your LIKES will disappear, and according to Jetpack, there is no way to get them back.

“Due to the way stores the Likes, we currently don’t have any way to transfer them.”

This means that anyone viewing your blog for the first time will assume that no-one has liked anything you’ve posted since you started. In the case of this blog that’s approximately four years,

When I researched the migration process I didn’t find any warnings anywhere. Of course, I wasn’t looking for problems so it’s possible I missed them. There are some other issues I am working on, like menus, and maybe some others I haven’t found yet.

Wherever the responsibility lies, the issues must surely be known to WordPress and the host you move to, so why are they not disclosed to users?

The sales pitches made to site owners and bloggers to move from to WordPress site self-hosting is persuasive but gives the impression it is easier than it actually is for non-techies. That’s not to say you shouldn’t move. I did because there were plugins I needed which are not available in But there’s also no reason I can see why the snags should not be pointed out.

I used WPbeginner to transfer my site to Bluehost. I have no hesitation in recommending them and would advise using their service for non-techies. They did an excellent job and I think I may have pulled the rest of my hair out if they hadn’t been there to support me.

Editor’s note – This post was first published on 8th September 2017 and has now been revised.

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