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How can bloggers get more likes and comments?

If no one LIKES a post or COMMENTS on it the author may reasonably assume the post is of no, or little, value.

Then we need to reconsider what we are writing. Posts that fall on deaf ears may need to be trashed or re-written otherwise they are just redundant clutter. Culling and re-writing successful posts is important as a blog evolves and attracts new readers. A blog should never become cluttered and bogged down with irrelevant posts. Readers are lazy so by the time a blog has accumulated 250+ posts, even if many are still good and relevant, they will be buried deep under the latest posts and will seldom, if ever, be read again.

Bloggers need to write, re-write and keep on writing quality posts to make their blog evergreen. Every post must have a purpose – to entertain, inform and share knowledge. We may use our blogs for many things – an author platform to showcase our books – a gallery to display our photography – or a virtual kitchen to teach cooking. The permutations are endless. And in every instance we measure our effectiveness by the number of visitors we receive every day and their reaction to our posts.

When you start a blog you will most likely find it difficult to resist being impatient and will fire off as many posts as you can, quickly, in an effort to fill it with content. Most of us have done it but it’s counterproductive, so take time, as you progress, to tidy-up or trash old posts so your blog becomes a library of good, evergreen content which is easy to find.

Quality not quantity and Less is more are hackneyed phrases but they still hold good.

I read a lot of blog posts and am always searching for good specific content which is well written. It is a time consuming process so when I find a post of value I always give it a LIKE and often I COMMENT. Why? Because firstly I want to show my appreciation, then maybe add something or ask for more information. By doing that I am helping other bloggers to improve their content over time. And if everyone does that then content will get better and better and readers will benefit. Non bloggers may not appreciate how important this feedback is.

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  1. I find that some of my posts that I thought were interesting received little attention, yet others have struck a chord. A couple, I wrote years ago that I wouldn’t expect to have broad appeal, are still garnering comments. I can’t figure it out. (And I confess sometimes, in my rush to post something before my self-imposed deadline I don’t scrutinize my writing.) Maybe I will follow your suggestion to “tidy-up” – it hadn’t really occurred to me to scuttle old posts.

    1. I gave up trying to figure it out a while ago. It probably means a post hasn’t hit the right people so there’s a good reason to re-post it. What I do is copy the old post then can it and rewrite it. I usually find I do it better now and often change important things and add new stuff. Unless you write something which is only relevant to a specific time it should be recyclable and brought up to date. Thanks for the comment C.

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