Why did WordPress remove JUSTIFY and UNDERLINE?

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WordPress_logo Why did Wordpress remove JUSTIFY and UNDERLINE?
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I’ve written over 300 Posts on my WordPress blogs and I’ve never had a problem with editing until a few weeks ago when I discovered the JUSTIFY and UNDERLINE icons were removed from the editor bar. I wrote to WordPress Support and asked where they had put them. It took a couple of emails to find out that there is a link right above the title when writing a post which says:

 “There’s an easier way to create on WordPress.com. Switch to the improved editor.”

So I did and although I could see the JUSTIFY and UNDERLINE icons again I failed to see any improvement. Maybe it was too subtle so I wrote back, rather sarcastically I’m ashamed to say:

“You must be joking. It’s a much harder way and I’d love to know how it’s improved.

What a mess and waste of time it is changing back and forth between editors to create a post. If the clever bugger who thought of this had just left the icons where they were then it would be easy.

I also see that ‘Content recommendations’ don’t feature on the ‘…easier way….’ so you have to keep switching editors.”

I received a courteous reply, which I probably didn’t deserve but as always WordPress are gentlemen:

“I do get that it’s frustrating when tools you are used to using change. When things like this get removed, it’s because they aren’t used very often, which I get is cold comfort when you are one of the people who use them.”

Dead right on that WordPress. They continue:

“If you want to stick with the wp-admin editor, the features you use are still available as keyboard shortcuts.  If you click the small question mark at the end of the second row of icons, you will see the instructions on how to make that work.”

I have to admit I overlooked shortcuts; even I am human! My reply was:

“Now I am beginning to understand.

I understand what you are saying When things like this get removed, it’s because they aren’t used very often.” but I never understand why bloggers don’t present their work like eBooks, paperbacks and hard cover books. I doubt you’ll ever find an eBook or book that is not justified. If you did I’m sure you agree it would look untidy and unprofessional. So I make my blog posts justified to look like a book because I think it looks much neater and more professional. It looks like WordPress and the majority of other bloggers don’t agree.

The only way is to use the shortcut.

This is what I now am doing.

I love you guys but why on earth don’t you tell us when you change something or even better ask for our opinion first?”

If I am the only one in step, it isn’t the first time in my life that I’ve been so. At least I have, with the aid of Support, managed to unravel the mystery. Now WordPress are trying to help via Google Docs which is encouraging.

They were also magnanimous in agreeing with me on the justifying of books but suggest there are some technical issues with blogs which I did realise, especially when wrapping text around pictures.

I do think Wordpress would save so much of their time and users time by a simple announcement posted on our dashboards would suffice.

WordPress we need you and we’ll work with you, so please keep us in the loop?

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