It’s a dog’s life

Shelter Manager’s office at Soi Dog, Phuket

I recently visited Soi Dog in the north of Phuket, Thailand. I wanted to find out more about the non-profit organisation that alleviates the suffering of animals by sterilising and vaccinating dogs and cats. Soi Dog treats sick, injured and abused animals. It also fights the cruel and illegal dog meat trade and shelters and re-homes street dogs and cats.

Can you spot me?

Natasha was my teacher and is a volunteer from Oregon in the USA. She has been travelling with her husband through India, Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam. Now she is in Thailand and she found her way to Soi Dog two and a half months ago where she volunteers walking the dogs and conducting visitor tours.

Reception for visitors. Coffee and water. Where you meet the volunteers and start a tour.

I was one of Natasha’s pupils for an hour or so as she took us through the labyrinth of dog runs, very eloquently and knowledgeably explaining the workings of the foundation which was started by John Dalley and his wife Gill in 2003.

How do I look?

The centre currently houses 650 dogs and more than 100 cats. Since it began 135,000 dogs have been sterilised and the target is to do 80% of all the dogs in Phuket. Soi Dog has mobile facilities which are currently operating in Phangna province north of Koh Phuket. The Foundation works closely with the local towns who are responsible for informing the locals when they will be in town.

State of the art dog and cat hospital at Soi Dog, Phuket

If you get the opportunity to visit Soi Dog don’t miss it. The level of commitment to the project and the warm welcome will surprise you.

Soi Dog cat isolation unit, Phuket

The staff of approximately 150 which includes many volunteers is dedicated to Soi Dog and its aims. Its success is reliant on charitable donations and whether you visit in person or online you will feel compelled to help in whatever way you can. Even if you only pass on the news about Soi Dog you will have made a valuable contribution towards solving a worldwide problem.









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