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I’m over the moon

I really hate blowing my own trumpet but if someone is kind enough to do it for me then I’m happy to share what is now, after all, public on Amazon.
It takes a lot of hard work and time to write a book. Sometimes authors get it right and give pleasure to a lot of people. Sometimes we don’t however hard we have tried. When someone expresses gratitude, enjoy it, if they criticise you brutally accept it with good grace. Either way you know you have touched the reader.
At the moment I am feeling a warm glow because of the very kind words written by an Amazon reviewer. They will hopefully sustain me when the inevitable happens and some critic lays into me. Hopefully I will be able to learn from the bad reviews as well.
ocean-page-001-21 I'm over the moonocean-page-001-21 I'm over the moon Don’t pass this amazing book by!, March 13, 2017
Verified Purchase
Incredible, I cannot believe this awesome book was free. I learned more about Thailand in this book than all the 6 I purchased! A MUST for anyone who is even remotely interested in Thailand! Thank YOU++++

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    1. I’m giving it my best shot. Learning as much as I can and gearing up for the novel. Thanks for your support. So pleased I found Pronoun. They have made the whole process so much easier.

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