Lucky little piggy

If you’re having suckling pig this Christmas,

Spare piggy a thought.

He may taste better stuffed than you,

But his life is very short.

Lucky little piggy.

Lucky little swine.

Sage and onion up your arse.

Sealing wax up mine.

Featured image by TIMOTHY H.


2 thoughts on “Lucky little piggy”

    1. Compliments of the season Cinda. Yes, it is bah, humbug. I always do something different, off the wall, at Christmas. I’ve been laid up horizontal for 5 days with a back problem (fixed now) and read the sixth book of Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles (500 pages). I’ve never read a novel so fast in my life. Can’t wait for No.7 and the film series. In a few days I can get back to novel writing again keep well. James.


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