The Brightest Star

Across a windless sea to the West

I watch in awe at close of day.

The mighty ocean’s jaws that do obey

The ball of fire it does ingest.

Creeping ever nearer, great ball of fire indeed.

Tempering persuasion with blistering intent.

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines for Will.

Leaves earth, by night, to cool, in time of need.

She takes her final breath and mine away.

Softly, gently her flame is doused.

My inner senses so aroused.

Farewell for now is all I can say.

Waiting for the Star to sleep

Thousands flock to see her beauty;

But few are there to see her wake

As from the morning cloud she peeps.

Will I face the East once more

And see her countenance again. 

Now take my leave, can’t say I will

Watch her from another shore.

The brightest star within the sky;

She has the power to give us life,

Nous sommes les enfant du soleil,

Or mutilate us like a fly.

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