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‘Thailand in Perspective’ – Thailand Diaries – Volume 3 – Available from Amazon NOW

Over the past few months I have posted 10 excerpts of Volume 3 of Thailand Diaries – THAILAND IN PERSPECTIVE on ‘’.

thailand-in-perspective-paperback 'Thailand in Perspective' - Thailand Diaries - Volume 3 - Available from Amazon NOW
Thailand in Perspective – Paperback

If you have read any of the posts I hope you have enjoyed them.

If you haven’t managed to read them or you have only read a few excerpts the good news is that THAILAND IN PERSPECTIVE is published by ‘Amazon’ in Paperback and Kindle e-book.

This is a book for anyone who wants to be entertained and wishes to learn more about Thailand in the process. It is definitely not a travel book in the accepted sense but can easily be categorised as such.

Part 1 gives a potted history of Thailand from the first century.

Part 2 is a critical memoir of my observations of the people and culture of Thailand; a Country, monopolised by superstition, ancient cultural values and old religious beliefs, struggling to come to terms with modernity and the 21st century; people who have, as yet, travelled little.

Over a period of 10 years, first visiting then living, in Thailand I have come to the conclusion thatThais are just like everyone else; vibrant, intelligent and adorable people.

And Thailand is, in a word, irresistible.

But be ready for the culture shock and to find out the things you need to know.

Welcome to this captivating and enthralling land. Contradiction, controversy, confusion, frustration, weird language, cultural barriers and mystery will haunt you. When you eventually get over the early shocks, which may actually take years, and you realise that you cannot fix a ‘dysfunctional’ nation without a modicum of help from above you can begin your bumpy journey.

I present my views objectively although, in setting out the ‘pros and cons’ of life in and the mysteries of Thailand, some of my arguments may be viewed as polemic which ‘was absolutely intentional’. I believe there should be, and usually is, a balance to be found in every society and that most cultures and religions may have syncretic elements to their beliefs, to a greater or lesser degree and we are all ostensibly the same if we look behind the mask.

Volumes 1 an 2 are available as e-books only but are FREE.

Volume 1 – 15 Weeks (FREE) DOWNLOAD NOW


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