Grain of sand

New life is but

A grain of sand,

Held in trust

By youthful hand.

And as we add

A grain a day

Our life evolves

Yet slips away.

When young a grain

Is nothing much.

But thirty thousand

Hands can’t clutch.

And so we try

With ageing hand

To hold life’s spoils

Until the end.

We then let go,

With fingers sore,

Their bones filled

With strength no more.

Our life was but

A grain of sand,

Held in trust

By ancient hand.

0 thoughts on “Grain of sand

    1. Thank you so much Cinda. Good to hear you again. Sometimes when I write this stuff I wonder if readers are peering into my very soul. I don’t know about you but I tend to write mostly on impulse for myself. So I sometimes find it a bit scary as to what others might think. keep well. James

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