Taking a break

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I am taking a break for a few months because I have some important things to attend to which will take up most of my time.

But don’t worry I’m not planning on deserting you and will post intermittently.

Blogging is great fun but quite demanding if you take pride in your offerings.

So the last thing I want is to feel I have to produce just for the sake of it.

I’m driven by inspiration.

I’m not a machine.

So here’s a little ditty before I draw the curtains.

“I’ll be away a little while

So won’t be here to make you smile.

There’s lots of posts I’m sure you’ve missed

You’ll be surprised what’s in my list.

While I’m gone please don’t fret.

I’ll be back soon you sure can bet.”

0 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Well yes, we are allowed to take a break! I don’t put any time constraints on my blogging… I just share when I feel it is worthwhile or for my own journaling. Some people make a schedule for themselves that is hard to live up to… every day, every week. I say just blog when you feel like it! Have a nice break!

  2. James…safe journey….where ever you travel….within or without….heading back to Hawaii in 10 days…..sending you love and light……

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