Endless change

Do I want closure or

The sword of Damocles forever hanging over me?

Do I want life’s trials and tribulations or

A death that welcomes me?

And death is always welcome

But not what comes before;

And is that not life

Whose struggles we abhor?

Without birth there is no life;

Without night there is no day.

Without life there is no death;

Hand in glove they go, we say.

There is no chain with just one link.

Nothing can exist alone.

The cycle’s there for all to see.

If not learned we have not grown.

The order of the universe;

Opposing poles of endless change.

The Yin and Yang

In ceaseless motion re-arrange.

There’s no beginning;

No end is strange.

Birth, life, death and

Endless change.

No decisions to be made.

Birth and death ask nothing of us.

No need we have the more to say.

Relax, let go what’s all the fuss.

But life now that’s another matter

The state of living bugs us all.

Enlightenment or complete withdrawal,

Not many make afore they fall.


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