You gave me life when I was jaded.

 You gave me hope when I faded.

 You woke me up when I was sleeping.

 You gave me love when I was weeping.

 You were my eyes when I couldn’t see.

 You were everything to me.


You made me strong when I was weak.

 You gave me voice when I could not speak.

 You took my heart and stripped me bare

 And left me all alone to care.

 You lost your way but faced the truth,

 Deep in search of your lost youth.


You stood strong for your belief,

 Although it caused you so much grief.

 And now you know that this is true.

 I never ever doubted you.


One thought on “You”

  1. Great post, sorry I haven’t gotten the list to you yet, been working feverishly on wrapping up editing a book for one of the professors at our university, once I’m done with that I’ll get the questionnaire to you.


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