Small World

As refugees flee from oppression

And risk their lives to leave their lands,

Dictators rule by vile aggression;

Their brothers puppets in their hands.

Crawling out of dirty hovels,

Death defying families flee.

While despot leaders cling to power,

We save their children from the sea.

In rusty boats on course to nowhere,

Leaving any shore.

As fair weather turns to foul,

Where they land they can’t be sure.

So in a world that is so small

We find so many different faces .

Countries, islands see them all,

From so many different races.

Still viewing seekers of new lives

As though invaders of our shores.

No refuge given, welcome here.

Treat them like a leper’s sores.

So if the boot was then to be

Laced tightly to the other foot,

Would they in turn, like us, see

A stranger, outcast, elsewhere put?

Image: Syrian refugees’ camp | Credits: © Nikolay Doychinov/AFP/Getty Images



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