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How to live life one day at a time.

I have been experiencing a little too much stress recently and so I wrote some notes to remind myself that while I have long been a proponent of mindfulness I have never found it easy to achieve. So once again it was time for me to put my money where my mouth is.

I then thought that maybe I should share my, far from comprehensive, notes and thoughts on the subject and write a short blog post.

So here goes.

You’ve heard it said, I’m sure, that it’s possible to eat an elephant. How? – One bite at a time.

Life is the same. – You can’t devour it all in one go. – It takes a lifetime; a day at a time.

And there is only ONE DAY in our lives; TODAY; for

“Today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday.” (Source unknown recalled from memory)

The PAST is gone – there is nothing you can do about it and

The FUTURE does not exist – so it is irrelevant.

We are only left with TODAY.

Yet most of us spend most of our time reminiscing about the PAST and planning for the FUTURE.

In the process we forget about the only thing we have – TODAY.

You may say that’s an over simplification but I say; what we are doing is an over complication and we should question why we allow our minds to be distracted. For some reason it seems to be ingrained in our psyche and needs to be erased. Strangely enough we, subconsciously, know this but often feel powerless to obliterate it.

When I have said and continually remind myself thus:

Live in the moment now and wake up to the experience. Don’t let life pass by unnoticed.

I know I am right but achieving a state of MINDFULNESS – being aware of your surroundings – is not simple or easy but I believe if it can be achieved it can greatly simplify our lives and make living easier.

In Psychology MINDFULNESS is a technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them thereby reducing stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain.

Here is a simple guide.

  • Slow everything down and deliberate.
  • When people say, ‘work harder and you will achieve more’ – Do less.
  • Leave time between activities and do nothing for a short while.
  • Forget about tomorrow – there may not be one.
  • When you’re engaged in some activity, be focussed. – How many times do you find yourself doing one thing while you are thinking about something else? That’s how many motor accidents happen.
  • When you eat – eat slowly and do nothing else. You will find even the simplest snack tastes better and you won’t get indigestion.

When you are near to death in old age I’m sure you don’t want to be thinking:

Woosh!!! What was that?

That was your life mate.

I sincerely hope you are all more mindful than I am. But I’m still trying.

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  1. I’ve been thinking along these lines too, but your post made me look at a different angle. I don’t want to become a procrastinator, but I like your advice “Leave time between activities and do nothing for a short while.” I sometimes/often over-schedule myself…. but I don’t have time to do that today 😉

  2. The time I spent in Iraq was some ways the best time in my life. It was easy. You went from point A to point B if you made it Life was good haha But life there was simple You did live 1 day at a time. many others have said the same and most of us miss that. It take a year or so before you get back to the stress of worrying about tomorrow! Take care friend Life is good jackie

  3. Carpe Diem, my friend! Did I spell that right? Oh, who cares, time’s uh-wastin’…ha! Onto my next project! Be well, Jim….good things are happening….and you are part of that…..thank u…:)

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