Meaning in Time

 You think about now.

 We talk about how

 Warring and pain

 Feel like acid rain.

 We’re living in fear

 So where to from here.

 Just tow the line;

 There’ll be meaning in time.

Is it nonsense to you?

 It’s nonsense to me.

 Can’t believe it is true;

 How can we be

  Living in fear?

  So where to from here.

  We’re towing the line;

  Will there be meaning in time?


 So you want to fly;

 Can’t see a blue sky.

 The landscape is stained;

 There’s more acid rain.

 Still living in fear;

 Where to from here?

 Still towing the line

 There’ll be meaning in time.

The days are all gone now;

  No sky to see

 The Earth is parched dry;

 We run to the sea.

 No need to fear as

 There’s nowhere from here.

 So why tow the line;

 There’s no meaning in time.

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