The other side

Out of the depths you plucked me.

We laughed, we loved, we played.

I was so happy then.

Why did I leave you when

You cared for me;

You nurtured me.


Bad dreams in the night

Woke me with a fright.

I cried a lot;

I died a lot

Inside; lost without you

By my side, without you.


Giving love too freely.

It was taken gladly

Without return.

No you by my side, sadly.


In shark infested waters,

My senses numbed with fright,

My resolve was e’er so strong,

Until the final bite.


It’s so cold here on the other side.

Please don’t think me wrong.

So lonely here on the other side.

Waiting for you long.

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        1. I’ve been waiting for someone to say that. It’s very personal but with your intuition Cinda I’m sure you will get close to solving it if I give you one clue. ‘Wuthering Heights’. Let me know how you get on in a private email. Keep well. James

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