The world is full of suffering,

through acts of aggression brought

by mindless individuals and governments who

have no respect for fellow men.

With greed and avarice rife you may

try and suck me into conflict.

But I will not respond.

Fight alone if you must.

We are brothers.

Born of the same forefathers.

We are both of this earth.

Respect me as I respect you.

No matter what your views,

vices or virtues may be.

We are fellow humans.

Our basic needs the same.

Disagree with my views, as I may with yours.

Let us debate through the night till the sun rises on another day.

We may find common ground.

We may not.

But come what may,

I will not dis-respect your rights.

You and who you are are precious.

If that is lost then so am I.

I will plummet to the lowest depths.

I will lose my self-respect.

And every man’s entitlement

is that basic human right.   


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