There, but for the Grace of God?

I’ve been wanting to re-blog this excellent post for some months. Now I’ve finally got round to it.

Walking with the Alligators


Daniel Andreas San Diego
Picture credit: Unknown

On our news this morning was the story of a very dangerous suspect, being sought by the FBI in Hawaii, for some bombings in California.

Well, you know that they had my undivided attention, as soon as I heard the words animal activists and bombings used in the same sentence.

After very little searching, a huge amount of data was found about this man and his story, but as it turned out,  I had the wrong idea about this altogether.

You see, this man is not going after animal activists,  he IS one and the bombings that he is being accused of,  or is alleged to have done, were done  on the properties of those he believed to be harming animals.

And these alleged crimes were committed by him they say, in 2003, or over 10 years ago.

He has been on the FBI’s list of ” Most Wanted Domestic…

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