Road to Hell

Some are selfish; some are not.

Trapped inside their granite shell.

Be satisfied with what you’ve got.

Don’t travel on the road to hell.


Some care for others far too much.

Forget they too could be a star.

Care for yourself and keep in touch

With you and you  and who you are.


If you think before you speak,

Chances are you won’t be wrong.

But if you don’t, you will be weak;

Not the one who will be strong.


Then’s the time to give a lot

And help the world along its way.

One day, we know, t’will be too hot.

Keep us safe until that day.


Some love the Earth; others ne’er.

In ignorance they can’t defend.

Gaia controls us; so beware.

There’s no surprise how it will end.


Subscribe to greed and avarice

And you will surely rue the day.

Happiness is not a vice

But decadence is not the way.

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